Do you make Wheat Free cupcakes?
We do bake wheat free cupcakes made with rice flour.

Do you make Sugar Free cupcakes?
Sorry, not at this time

What are the most popular flavors?
Some of our most popular flavors are Strawberry Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Vanilla Birthday Cake, Smores, Pink Velvet Chocolate Fudge & Oreo.

Do the cupcakes need refrigeration?
Not any of the cupcakes iced in buttercream. However, Brownie Berry Cups and Brownie Sundaes, iced in whipped cream do require refrigeration.

Can the frosting be colored?
Yes. $40 per dozen for regular size and $19 per dozen for mini size.

Do your menu flavors rotate?
Our cupcake menu rotates often to explore our culinary expertise. We take pleasure in creating original and unique flavor combinations. Following us on Facebook will keep you informed of any special daily creations

Do you have any non-rotating flavors on the menu?
We have a set core menu that never changes. Refer to the cupcakes in the Order Online Page . Keep in mind that we try hard to keep an assortment of all daily flavors on hand but reserve the right to run out at any time.

Will I be notified once I place my order on-line?
After completion of your order with payment, you will always receive an email. We will receive that same email and contact you immediately to confirm. If you are not contacted, please call the store at 818-363-9825 or text 818-912-1433

What are the cupcake shop hours?
Our cupcake shop is open Wednesday – Saturday  10am-7:00pm and Sundays from 10am-5pm. All cupcake orders must be placed for pick up during store hours.

Do I have the option for delivery?
Delivery is available same day sometimes.  Delivery windows are 11-2 or 2-5.  Please check the delivery page for rates.


A Sweet Design does not issue refunds.  All deposits/retainer fees/payments towards an order is NON REFUNDABLE.  In the event of a cancellation, store credit would be an option ONLY after calculations have been made determining product that was purchased for your specific order and then deducted.  However, based on when you cancel your order, if handmade product had already been started, you may not qualify for store credit either Cupcake orders require 5 day notice of cancelation to be considered for store credit.  You may always ask, but please understand, that we reserve the right to refuse a request

A Sweet Design strongly enforces our NO CHANGES POLICY, once an order has been placed.  (This is critical in keeping with our organization system)  You may not change any aspect of your order 10 days prior to the scheduled pick up/delivery date as dictated on your invoice for cakes. For cupcake orders, the cutoff time frame is 5 days.  If you have any elements to be provided for your order, they must be turned in by the dates discussed. You are responsible for ensuring accuracy on your invoice.  A Designer will be using the invoice as exact instructions while decorating.  Any conversation had about design, that are not specified on the invoice will not be seen by the Designer.  If any the wording is not correct, advise us prior to making a payment.

A Sweet Design works very hard at making amazing cakes and cupcakes, so we like to work with clients who appreciate our rules, if any of our rules may pose concern, please call 818-912-1433 for Joeleen Medina, Owner/Operator for 11 years. We are a team of dedicated artists who want to achieve the best