Wheat Free Options

Wheat Free Options

We are happy to be able to provide the option of Wheat Free Sweets, which include cakes, cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cake pops. Our Wheat Free sweets are made with rice flour instead of wheat flour.

Do you have Wheat Free Cupcakes and Cake Pops Available Daily?

We bake in small batches, so it is best to call in advance to confirm availability of our Wheat Free cupcakes and cake pops and place an order.   Wheat Free cupcakes are $3.75 each and Wheat Free cake pops are $3.00 each. (Not to be combined with package deals of regular cupcakes)

What is the minimum order requirement for Wheat Free Mini Cupcakes?

Wheat Free mini cupcakes are $24 per dozen and we require a minimum order of 12 mini cupcakes (per flavor).     

What are the flavor options for Wheat Free Cupcakes, Cake Pops and Cakes?

We offer Vanilla and Chocolate cake flavors. Some of the buttercream options include cream cheese, strawberry, fudge and vanilla bean.  The garnish options are Wheat Free, but not dairy free, those options are: mini sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles and walnuts.

Do you make Wheat Free Cakes?

Yes, cake flavors include: vanilla, chocolate chip, and chocolate

A Sweet Design does not represent a baking environment for those with Celiac disease, but rather a Wheat Free/Gluten Free lifestyle. Always error on the side of caution.

Currently the Wheat Free options are not set-up for purchase through our on-line shopping cart. Please call to inquire about pre orders.

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